• Two boxers' torsos from behind dressed in red (left) and blue (right) boxer shorts, locked in combat, faces not visible. One fighter has his leg drawn up to kick. Gold leaf decoration on both boxer shorts.
  • A head facing, upper torso at quarter view. Drawn in sanguine, green, yellow, grey and blue crayon
  • Oil painting of a young naked man, golden complexion, lying on a leather couch, seen from an extreme angle near his foot. The yellows and reds of his musculature contrast with the couch's dark tones.
  • Two figures close up, only faces, shoulders and arms visible, locked in love or combat. Drawn in terracotta and green crayon.
  • Oil painting of a naked dark-skinned man, 50s, reclining on a leather couch, looking forwards and slightly upwards at the viewer, sunlit from the right.
  • Two figures locked in combat on their knees; one facing us; the other facing away, his head under the other's arm. Drawn in sanguine, green, yellow and pink crayon
  • Two figures with dark complexion, dressed in shorts and waist sashes, locked in combat, scrum-like in a lateral composition. Their faces are not visible. In the background, sunlit city towers (gilded in gold leaf) behind a high wall with blue sky.
  • A charcoal-on-paper drawing of a right foot resting on sheets, sole upwards
  • Oil painting of a naked, bearded Latin man, 40s, lying on a leather couch, eyes closed, sunlit from the right.
  • Woman lying on back, seen from head, one knee drawn up, hand grasping ankle






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