A minor breakthrough in painting progress

Oil painting of a young naked man, golden complexion, lying on a leather couch, seen from an extreme angle near his foot. The yellows and reds of his musculature contrast with the couch's dark tones.

Iván Reclining represented a small breakthrough in my painting. The various aspects you have to keep in mind when creating a work all seemed to gel. I also felt far more confidence in my brushwork. Perhaps I am moving closer to defining a style of sorts. So I tried to capitalise on what I’ve learnt in these new works, Ángel Reclining and Pedro Seated (coming soon).

I’ve also added a few more charcoal works from 2019. The best of 2020 are on their way, I promise.

Pride Edition – Collective Art Show

Covid-19 has killed off many Pride events this year. So Barcelona gallery CU46 Project is taking it online.

This year many Pride events could not take place physically. However, Barcelona gallery CU46 Project has launched the online show “Pride Edition – Collective Art Show”, featuring the artists:

Anna Biesuz (CU46 Project resident artist, Italy)

Cipriano Ortega (US)

Keith D Buswell (US)

Kevin Booth aka Domitorus (Catalonia)

Lirka (North Macedonia)

Tamás Kacsák (Hungary) and

Positively Positive (US).

As you see, I have work included, so please visit the show and let me know what you think. Give these artists your support. They are all LGBTQI artists working with ideas on sexuality, corporeality and queer culture. The show is running until 27 July 2020. View it here: https://cu46now.com/prideedition_vr