All images are available for sale, framed or unframed, unless otherwise stated.


  • A head facing, upper torso at quarter view. Drawn in sanguine, green, yellow, grey and blue crayon
  • Two figures locked in combat on their knees; one facing us; the other facing away, his head under the other's arm. Drawn in sanguine, green, yellow and pink crayon
  • Two figures close up, only faces, shoulders and arms visible, locked in love or combat. Drawn in terracotta and green crayon.


  • Woman lying on back, seen from head, one knee drawn up, hand grasping ankle
  • Woman standing, left foot up on stool right arm thrown over head, chin on left hand, left arm resting on drawn-up knee.


  • A charcoal-on-paper drawing of a hand resting palm upwards on sheets
  • A charcoal-on-paper drawing of an ear
  • A charcoal-on-paper drawing of a right foot resting on sheets, sole upwards
  • A charcoal-on-paper drawing of two feet resting on sheets